What America Ate

What America Ate is a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant based project that allowed us to bring together the WPA materials collected during the Great Depression in the United States as well as Community Cook Books of the period.  See the project description site for details <https://matrix.msu.edu/what-america-ate> and the Project site <https://whatamericaate.org>.  For the Project I served as Co-PI.

The project gave me the opportunity to work with wonderful food historian, Helen Zoe Veit <https://history.msu.edu/people/faculty/helen-veit/> as lead PI and intellectual leader of the project in terms of the food history.  Perter Berg, who was at the time the Head of Special Collections at the MSU Library, and was instrumental in overseeing and establishing the workflow for adding digital assets.  

At Matrix, we had the excellent leadership of Alicia Sheill, project manager and Assistant Director at Matrix, the great backend work by our Head of Programming, Seila Gonzalez, and the amazing deign of Austin Truchan (for a complete list of the many people who help make the project see https://whatamericaate.org/about.php

> and the Project site <