Building a new website

I have been doing online projects for more than 25 years, but have always failed to do my own website.  It was difficult to find time to build something for myself when there was always other projects to tend to as well as servers and new networks to build.

Back in 1994, I set p my first StarNine based server on my office desk and then in 1995 upgraded to WebStar.  Those were the halcyon days of trying to figure everything out for yourself, and learning the basics of HTML while teaching students to make basic web pages.  Looking back it was pretty crazy to do but a lot of fun: Gopher, Usenet, Archie, Pine.

Michigan State University said they would never grant students web access to post web pages; hence, the need to set up and run my own server.  Then suddenly as often happens at MSU, they did a complete turn around and gave everyone access through AFS.  Of course, they did not explain well how to use the space or what could be done with it so it gave us working with the MSU Writing Center (earliest version of web site on Internet Archive done by Mike Fegan & Scott Pennington), but more on that later.

The whole point of this is that I will be posting old and new stuff, projects and blogs, as a way to review the hundreds if not thousands of sites we have done over the years.  The key will be to see if I keep motivated.